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Union Chapel - 2009

What can I say other than - wow !

I suppose I should say more - How about - ONE AMAZING EVENING !!

I know that he loves this venue, and having been the last 2 years, the accoustics are great. I always feel sorry for his support acts, as when James walks on stage, the atmosphere becomes completely electric.

He loves singing, that much is obvious - and as you wath him, you see both memories flit across his face, as his songs areall written about specific people and events. As you watch him you can see a lot of happy memories tied up in the words - as well as hopes and longings.

On ther songs, you can also see he enjoys playing to hs auience - the grins and smirks are great fun.

One of the many reasons I am a fan, and sped money I don't possess t see him, is the individual contact he gives us - and you see this as he is singing, he watches the audience, and catching eye contact with us ... and for those few seconds, you just know he is singing to you individually.

Here is a copy of the set list, that I managed to photograph, and behind the cut are a few thoughts on some of the songs.


Don't Worry Son
I love this song - because I love how much James adores being a Dad ... so to start with the song about his son, was lovely.

Look at Me
Another lovely song - with a real rhythm to the words, as well as the music.

One of my favourites from his first album - and for me it makes me smile as I knew some guy who (although in his 20s) always insisted on wearing a formal, long sleeved shirt - made me wonder what he had under those sleeves!

London City
My absolute favourite song - it always makes me cry - and I just want to give James a hug.  He sung it really beautifuuly, and I really wanted to weep.  Thank you, James, for singing that.

Too Fast
For me a great song -  but that's all!

I love how he always points out Louise to us all - a great, fun song, that he looked as if he enjoyed playing - it obviously brings back some happy memories.

He talked about this song being up on YouTube - and said that he felt that the best part of the accompaniment would be missing, s he son wasn't there.

This Town
Another favourite song - and popular, as well.

White Hot Girls
He really enjoyed singing this one - a huge smirk on his face at some of the lines!

What I Need
Another favourite song of his, beautifully sung.

Finer Than Gold
I am so glad he has started singing this one again - he sang it really poinantly,as well.

Poor Robyn
This is one of his songs, that I think everyone loves.  He didn't introduce many this time, although he did tell us that this one had it's name changed.

I love this song - and brings back memories of the first time I heard it, when at Cardiff, on a wet July day!

Up on Me

Sorry to say, but another favourite song!

Fall of Night.
Yes, I got my wish - my 2 best songs on the same evening.  Another song that makes me weep, yet, I absoloutely love.  This is actually the first time (I think) I have heard him sing it live, and he more than did it justice IMHO!

This song is lovely - and one that I had hoped would be on the 2nd album, as I prefer his single version, than that of the Bands.

One that I love - the first line always makes me smile - and reminds me of each photo I have ever had with him.

I will admit that when I first heard this son, I didn't like it much, but having heard it often now, it has grown on me.

All she wanted
Yet another favourite of mine.

Another song that has had to grow on me - and weirdly, still find mixed thoughts about it.

Truth is a Heavy Stone.
Another song that I didn't like when I first heard it - now I find there is something "real" about it ... and it was a lovely way for James to "end" the concert.

It was great to see the response - clapping and stamping the feet, to make him come back out - for his pre-arranged encore .... but it is deserved - and it is lovely to see him grin as he walks back onto the stage!

Not a Millionaire
This is a lovely song, with a great tune - and a great way to start the encore.

Civilised Man
To me another song, that I had to listen to live to like it - another one that took me some time to enjoy.

I loved this song when I first heard it on the Ghost of the Robot CD - so was a greatw ay for him to finish this amazing evening.


I am afraid that I find myself unable to remember any individual thoughts, as it was just such a beautiful evening - he was in such great form, and I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did.  I had my 2 favourite songs, he caught my eye a few times, and I managed to get some pictures.


There will be more pictures up later this afternoon!

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