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Friday - Getting To Union Chapel!

Well - you have been warned ... Long rambling posts to follow .... Feel free to ignore, but I want to remember as much of these days as I can.

~ ~ ~

I left here at 6.15 on a cool foggy morning, and drove to my brother's house.  Tim lives in Exeter, so i was leaving my car there.  He drove me to the coach station on his way into work.  The coach left right on time at 8.20am.

I snoozed part of the way up - and listened to my mp3 ... nothing James, as I was shaky enough already!  As I got into Victoria I sent a text to xheartrockx  as we were arriving at roughly the same time.  I had actually got the international coding wrong, so she didn't get it, but as I joined the queue for train tickets, guess who was next to me?  Hugs Sway!

So we got our tickets and headed towards Picadilly.

Once there we checked in, only to find we were in the same room - well, for the first night.  As I had booked the 2nd night as a cancellation I had two different rooms!  So we got organised and headed straight out for Union Chapel.

Not too much of a queue - but there again, people do come and go a bit.  I joined the end, and was soon joined by 2 ladies (Karen & ?), and then a few minutes later by Catherine, who had come down from Scotland.  Needless to say we chatted - about .... James!!!!  It was great to meet them - and lovely to no longer feel a "Newbie".

Over the next few hours I was able to chat to ukchrisp  , aa_eve_aa  , cryssiemarsters  , jamalov29  , Bluehourmagic, as well as others that I never got to know their names.  Lovely to see friends in person - as well as know we were all there for one reason ...!!!

Slowly the seconds ticked away - and we started to move foreward.  The weird thing is that I couldn't wait to be there, yet, in some ways I knew once there it would soon be over.

The 4 of us sat about 6 rows back on the right, with GreySunrise sitting on the same row.  I spoke to pne or two other people I knew, including someone I had met on my first ever trip (yet still don't know her name!) and hawera 

Then the lights started to change - and the gig started ...

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