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Just Saying Hi ... And Giving A Warning!!


Just got in from Mum and Dad's after 2 days there .... after the most fantastic 2 days in London.

I haven't started to catch up - and feel that I probably won't try ... So, please, if anything exciting happened, let me know.

Now for the warning -

Over the next couple of days I am going to try to post up about my trip to see James ... for those who want to skip, I won't be offended, it will probably be long, so that it will be a permenant record for me.

I shall also be posting pics - and what I thought I would do, would be to chose 6 - 8 from each event, so as not to bore you, but if the icon makers etc are inteested, I will upload the whole selection (over 400!!!!!) onto photobucket for you to check through ... so let me know if any of you at all want me to do that.

Also - a request for icon makers - my default icon is great and made by kazzy_cee  from a picture I took of James.  She is busy at present (otherwise I would ask her), but I wondered if anyone would like to make me a new icon from one of my pics ... something a bit different, as I will admit I love my present one - just would like a new picture.  So I am looking for something special!

Anyway - hope that you all had a great weekend ... off to look at my pictures properly, as have only seen them on the camera, not on the computer!  Don't expect any sense out of me after that!!

Tags: icons, james, may 09, rl, squeee, union chapel

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