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Not Long To Go

I am beginning to get super-excited ... not just normal excited that I have been so far this week!  Even my underlying grump is being buried now!

Won't be long - JAMES

Mostly organised now, house is cleaned, beds made for Tim and Claire, phone on charge, tickets and camera packed.

I leave home at 6.15 tomorrow morning - and then won't be back to Mum and Dad's till Sunday lunch.  As ever, these events are special, and I wish that I could remember them in full detail - as I think it is going to be an extra-ordinary 2 days.

Looking foreard to seeing a lot of my friends - and hope to meet one or two of you for the first time .... but ultimately, just can't wait to see James' smile again - He is just such a lovely person.

Tags: james, may 09, squeee

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