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Wednesday Again ...

... Where does a week go?

Wow - DJ really knew how to keep me busy this morning - his hair is just puthering out at present - even as he walks, he is shedding.  In fact, Ros commented that we wouldn't get lost, as we could turn round and follow the grey hairs home, like breadcrumbs!

It was a lovely ride, us two, Toni & Junior and Ros with ... wait for it ... Lawrence!

Yes, his papers have come through and no-name is called Lawrence.  However she immediately decided she didn't like it, and would call him Shadow.

We went down to the Church and up the track before heading home.  We had a couple of short canters - to make sure that Shadow was OK, as he is still very young, and therefore he could either gst excited, or scared.  But all went well.

Back home, for a feed and back to his field, then to clean out his box of all the hair ... again!
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