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A Final Thought On Sping Fever!

Sounds awful - no it won't be my final thoughts as I very much doubt that I will ever recover - and NO - I don't want to.  Sorry folks, but having been a James fan for some time, this last weekend has clinched it - I adore him!!  Sorry - 

Sad, but true!

Yes, a week ago I was on the coach travelling to London to my first evr event like this and wondering what was going to happen.  I had come to the conclusion the previous week that I had to pack away the butterflies and just enjoy it.

And - enjoy it I did!

The concert was amazing - the best evening of my life!!

Shaking hands with James the following day was very special - I just wish (more than anything) that I could remember more about it - but my brain turned to jelly!  I'm still waiting for the picture to arrive - I do hope it turns up (soon!)

And then back home - technically on a coach - but I think I actually flew - and am still flying!

Now it is back to normality - work, decorating, horse sitting ... and although my chest infection has gone, my asthma is worse than it's ever been ... Maybe I need to go somewhere warm and dry ... ummmm South West USA??

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