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Now I Have A Sore Throat

... First it was the chest infection/Asthma combination; then it was a sleepless weekend  (Even though that was in an extremely good cause!) ... Now its a sore throat ...

Thanks DJ!

Toni is away and Rags has a small leg injury so the 2 of us went out by ourselves.  

DJ enjoyed the first 100 yards - then decided he had done enough and wanted to go home!  So now I have a sore throat - yes, I hate to admit it but I have proved that I am more stubborn than a stubborn Connemara Pony!

Still, once we were passed the next 100 yards I made him work hard, and he did.  So in the end I called him a good boy a lot - and he had his carrot, before going back into his very damp and murky field!
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