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I Am Slightly Shattered!!!!

As you already know I play clarinet in a classical orchestra - you read my comments about the concert in March 2010.

Well, in September 2009 we have a large concert and had the last of our music tonight.  All our concerts have a concerto with a soloist - and the one in September is no different.  Alioce is a lovely girl in her final year of her degree ... and the piece she is playing for the concert is the piece she is doing for her virtuoso performance in her finals.

As with most soloists, they only come to the last couple of rehearsals, and Alice is no different ... tonight we all sight-read the piece of music, as one of our pieces we played ... Webers Clarinet concerto II  ....

Yes, I had to sight-read a virtuoso piece!!!!

I suppose the onlyadvantage is that no one expected a te-perfect performance!  By next week, I will have to be a bit more proficient.

btw =- the conductor had asked the 2nd to get me a copy, and she "forgot" ... so I am really pleased that I stood up for myself against her for the Peter and The Wolf ... Maybe that's why she forgot.  However, I think it went OK (considering), so she is the loser, overall!!!
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