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Warm Today!

Poor DJ is still hanging onto about 1/2 his winter coat, although he is doing his best to leave his hair all over me!!

Anyway, after a long groom and then being plaited we went out with Toni, Junior and Smudge .... and had a nice long ride.  It was lovely, the sun was shining and there was very little traffic, so Toni and I could have a chat.  However, as Toni was riding Junior, and we were out for about 90 minutes, it was a very hot, damp pony that I returned with!

It took some time to let him settle, and cool enough for a short feed,a nd then back to his field .... for a good roll, before having the hay that we had brought out. 

Conrad is now in a different field,a s Toni is starting to get him less dependant on company, ready for her to decide when she will sell him, or what she will do for his future.
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