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Just a short post, with no real spoilers!

Claire took me to see the film ... not that she is a James fan (weird girl) or she likes any form of action film, but that she didn't want me to go by myself.

However, we both loved it - liked the action, enjoyed that most of the main characters had similar screen time  (although could have done with a lot, lot more Piccolo), liked some of the quips/gadgets etc ... so, yes, we say "Thumbs Up"  - Good film, a great night out.

We actually went to the first showing, so it wasn't a busy screening ... as the credits started rolling, Claire stayed still, until she nudged me in the ribs as James names appeared - I must admit that was special.  However, it also meant we actually saw all the film - Hope those who have seen it saw the ending ... and as the lights came back on, we realised we were the only ones left in the cinema ... so the only ones to see the complete story ... YAY!!!

So, as I said - Thumbs Up ... sequal please, but more Piccolo next time!

Tags: claire, dragonball, james, squeee
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