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Ought DJ To Pack A Case As Well?

Went riding today with Toni and Junior & Ros and Rags and they spent most of the first half teasing me about James. 

They were wondering how I am going to recognise people - and being shy I hate going up to them - So we decided that IO should take DJ - well my LJ friends have seen his picture, so they would recognise him ... and he is such a friendly chap, other people will come and say hello as well .... Maybe I could get to see James that way!!

Oh well - I came to the conclusion that as I get ready and pack for my early start on Friday, then the butterflies will travel with me - But, who cares - I am going to see James!

The ride was really great - the weather is warm anf dry, but because we went along the edge of the managed forestry, it is still soft enough to canter on.  Well, DJ had to try out his new shoes didn't he?

When we got back, I had to give him a bit of a sponge bath as it was so lovely and warm (for me) but hot for him!

Tags: dj, james

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