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A Limerick For Seasonal_Spuffy

Today is my posting day, I have 2 items to post this time, later I will be posting a one-shot fic, but at this time I am bringing you a poem.

This season of seasonal_spuffy  has a poetry theme. So, my first offering for today is a limerick that I wrote this morning ... It is un-beta'd, and my first ever attempt, but I'm going to post it anyway!!

There's a really great group called Seasonal Spuffy
That's all about the Slayer called Buffy.
When she ends up with Spike,
Who's the Vampire we like,
We really do feel warm and fluffy.

This is just X-posted for my reference ... and in case others on my f-list aren't members.

Tags: challenge, fan fic, spuffy, story
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