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The Icon MEME Again!

As most of you know, I do love icons.  I like having a range of ones in the hope that I can actually add something appropriate to what I am typing.

Every so often this MEME goes around and 2 of my friends have asked me to explain some of those that I use.  If you would like me to pick some, then just let me know in a a comment.

rivertempest  chose -

Cross, Paid in Full
Yawn - Horse
Spike and Buffy - Comfort
Osteopathy - Hands
Vampire Spike

kudagirl  chose -

Snow - Falling on a cottage
Captain Proton - Star Trek Voyager
Procrastinate - daleks.

This is an image of The Liberator, which is the ship that was used in 3 of the  series of the BBC TV series, Blakes 7.  This ran from 1979 - 1982 and was the frist show that I actually joined the fan club of ... and am still a member!  It was a show of a few rebels fighting against the Federation of Planets.  I tend to only use this for either obscure posts, or to those who would recognise it.

As most of you know, my faith is everything.  Today is Good Friday, and this is what my faith is based on - the death of God's son, Jesus, on a cross, and His rising back to life in 3 days time.  To me this icon is an amazing summary of a world changing event, that also changed me.  I use it if I am posting about my faith - or to others who I know believe as I do.  I would not want to offend others, if I can help it.

Horses are great characters - and yes, they laugh and yawn ... as you read DJ's adventures, you will see how human they are!  I just loved this image when I was given the link.  I use it for an assortment of reasons.

As you all know I love Spike ... well, look at my name!  He was a vampire, yet he fell in love with his enemy.  In this scene he is trying to relate to her sadness for the first ever time, and is very unsure ... yet he loves her, and tries to help.  I do use it to show love/hugs/comfort.

I am an osteopath, and recently requested a couple of icons to use with work related posts.  This one I can also use to people who are suffering aches and pains as well.  this was made by curiouswombat 

Whats not to like - Spike, again.  This was made by tamakin  from a picture she had done in the first place.  I love this traditional image of the vampire in Spike.

I love living in North Cornwall, and this was taken looking out of a gap in the walls of Tintagel Castle (legendary home of King Arthur).  Just spectacular scenery we have here.

It is one of those scenes that fairy tales are made of ... I live in an area where we don't get snow, so love this idea ... and nice to have an icon to use to others who have snow.

This was made for me by act3scene1   and came from a comment I made on her blog about Star Trek Voyager.  Tom was my favourite characetr, and I just loved his holodeck adventures.

Blakes 7 has lost of great quotes ... one of the many things I like about this show as well as BtVS.  This was made by Vila when he first met Cally.  She asked was he scared ... and this was his answer.  It was also the loge of Horizon (the fan club) at the time I joined.

I am old enough to have seen most of Dr Who ... and yes, I used to watch the daleks from behind the sofa.  I am also someone who is great at procrastination .... so had been looking for an icon for ages.  When I saw this on jaded_jamie s LJ I just had to snag.

Hope this answers all your questions - Anyone want to know anything about any of my icons, you only have to ask.

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