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Catching Up!

This is just to both catch you up with news of Mum .... but also to, first, explain why I didn't say Hi yesterday.

The second bit is the quick answer - Mum and Dad's computers both decided to lock themselves out of the internet.  So, although I know some of you were waiting for answers, there was nothing I could do.

It also meant no 366 MEME yesterday - although a photo was taken, and is on Dad's pc!  And, couldn't access my seasonal_spuffy  fic, which was on e-mail!

Anyway - I couldn't find out why, so if you don't see me again until Monday evening, that's the reason.  Still, I am writing today at Plymouth - and it must be an "answer to prayer" for you all ... my first 2 patients have cancelled, so I can catch you up with Mum's 48 hours!

I got to Mum and Dad's at 10.30 Tuesday morning ... and I was correct, the only one who hadn't guessed was Mum!

I took her to the hospital, to arrive at 11.45am, to be told she was last on the list and her op wouldn't be until 4pm.  She told me to leave her - but I stayed ... and was glad I did.  The waiting area was comfy, but no mags and the TV on a reality show!  So, we were able to chat - I filled her in on my day with Nick ... I shall also do that for you at some point, and about the horrific week Toni has had with her step-children and her mother.  So that took her mind off things.

We then saw the anaethatist - and again was glad I was there.  Mum is one of those anti-fuss people.  Last time she had an op, she had problems coming round - so I was able to explain that to the doctor.  He was basically pleased with her health, so that was good to know.

Then back to the day room - and I squeeeeeed about James - anough to side-track her.  She was able to vent about me "growing up" and not being around on a Saturday to take her shopping.  So, a great way to ignor my worries about the op ... if not hers!

Then we saw the registrar, who got her to sign the consent form ... and so back to the day-room!

Then we saw the consultant ... I was pleased to meet him.  He was a really nice guy, who was obviously concerned about Mum's lack of vision due to the paralised muscles around her eye.

Then, guess what ... back to the day room!

Just gone 4 pm they came and asked her to go to another room - this time to get changed ... and then ... back to ... another day room!!!!  At least we had a slightly different view!

At about 5 they came and collected her, and we walked  to the lift together, where she went down to level 5 and got out ... and I headed home.

We were told to phone at 7pm, as the op was due to last 90 minutes ... so Dad phoned at 7pm ... exactly!  Then at 7.30 ... then at 8 .... then at 8.30 .... then they said they would find out the problem and phone back.  Yes, you've guessed it, they couldn't bring her round again!

They phoned us back about 5 mins later to say she was in recovery and beginning to surface ... then at 9pm, we got the call to say she was conscious, and beginning to talk.  Dad phoned Tim as he had been on the phone all day ... and as he put the phone down, it rang ... panic!  It was a friend from Church!

Poor Dad was in a panic ...and little Jiffy just wandered aroung, looking at both of us, and looking lost.

Wednesday -

We were told to phone at 9.30 to find out how things were - and were told that she was ready and waiting!  So, off I went to collect her!

She looked like a panda (having a bad day) and although I took pics, it was on the understanding I wouldn't share - LOL.  One of our chats while waiting had been about you, my friends - and she is overawed by the messages I have passed on to her over these last few weeks.

She had a good day - even went for a short walk in the afternoon, as I needed to post some letters.  Tim and Claire left work early and came over for about an hour, so it was great to see them as well.

Then in the evening she and Dad watched their normal "stuff" before bedtime ... at her ususal hour!

So, as you can see we had panic, panic, panic on Tuesday evening ... but she is doing really well.

Well, I am now going to try to catch up with your Lj's ... Hope that you are all well.

Love, hugs and thanks again!

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