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Another Day ... Another Ride

Went out today with Ros and Rags - we headed inland toward some managed forestry.  We had been to part of it before - but today travelled further - and faster.

DJ had decided that he had Spring Fever ... He must have been listening to all of us talk - He had a spring in his step - and even decided to take the lead along a canter track that he had never been down before - so although suprising, it was good to know that life was feeling good in DJ-land!

We had gone that way, as most of it was on the level - easier for me!  I am slowly improving, but with the concert tonight I don't want to knock myself back - before my Spring Fever!!

When we got back it was complete with clacky shoes - yes he needs shoeing and his backs are beginning to work loose.  So the farrier is booked for next week - He is just under strick instructions to behave himself over the weekend!!!!!!
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