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Writing MEME - From A Reader's Point Of View.

A couple of weeks ago, I started something by posting a MEME asking about how and why those of us who write fan-fics get their ideas etc.  Well, here it is again, but the questions have been turned around by sarian71  so that those of us who read fan-fics can answer.

Well, as I have just said to her, I am doing this for 2 reasons -
  • I am addicted to fan-fic ... Spuffy Fan-Fic
  • This list of questions was actually written by kalinda001  to ask her friends about their thoughts on their writing abilities.  She is writing the most amazing Blakes 7 saga, which I would rec to anyone who wants to read a Blakes 7 storyline.
So, thanks Kal for the original idea, and thought you would like to see that this MEME is going round, and how Sara has now reversed the questions.

    1) Why do you read fanfic?

I just love seeing where the characters that I adore can travel.

I love reading alternative storylines, as well as seeing how the characters feel about the stories they are in.  Most TV episodes are only 45 mins long, so it is good to read of their feelings and emotions, as well as seeing the action unfold.

    2) When did you read your first fanfic and which fandom was it for?

The first fan-fics I read were with Blakes 7.  I joined the fan-club Horizon not long after the series aired.  They had a 9-monthly fan magazine and once a year released a book of short stories.  Before the internet, for a small show, this was great.

    3) Which fandoms do you, or have you, read? 

I now only read BtVS fan-fic ... and  kalinda001  s Blakes 7 epic tale. 

     4) Do you also write fanfics or do you only read?

I Have written for BtVS ... and one short story for B7, and a couple for Torchwood as well.

Writing for me, as most of you know, is a real challenge, having been told by teachers not to write.  So, I find it hard ... that and my sin of procrastination!  But I am determined to write more regularily this year.

    5) What do you enjoy the most when reading? (dialogue, descriptions, plot, characterizations, humour, angst...)

I have to recognise the main block of characters .... they have to be what I saw in the series.  Where the author takes them after that is not a problem.

Other than that I just love the whole concept of a fan-fic ... although find "play"-format hard to read.

    6) Which genres do you mainly read? (action, angst, dark, drama, horror, humour...)

I read most things!  I don't particularily like to read too much torture, although some within a story (if warned) is OK ... the same with Slash.  I'm not overly fond of human - but have had to read when judging, and some are great stories.

PWP - Yes, I do read (don't tell Mum and Dad!), but most of the time I prefer a longer, in-depth story.

My favourites are the Time Travel ones ... but also love the mating and claining fics as well.

    7) Which genres will you not read?

OOOooops - already mostly answered that!

I don't read X-over, mostly as I haven't watched the other shows!!

    8) Is giving reader comments/responses important?

I am bad at remembering to do that - it is something I am trying to improve on.  I love the work I read, most of the time ... so want more, therefore I must thank the person for their hard work.

    9) Do you give concrit?

No - although if there was something glaringly obvious I would e-mail them privately and mention it.  I would never give a public post slamming someone, or something ... Most of it is personal taste.

    10) Which is your favourite character to read fanfic for and why?

Spike - if it doesn't have Spike, I don't read it!
(Avon for Blakes 7) 

    11) Which are your favourite ships (including friendships) that you read the most?

Spuffy - Spuffy, Spuffy!

I like reading Spike - Joyce,  Spike - Tara, or Spike - Oz friendships.

12) Do you read WIP's or finished fanfics only?

Only ever complete works.

Again, I am reading the B7 saga, but that is regularily updated, and not my main focus (Sorry Kal) ... and I have to read when judging.  But other than that - No Way!

    13) Drabbles, One-shots or Multi-chapters?

I prefer long stories, but will read drabbles as well.

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