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Still Fighting The Bugs - And The Winter Coat

The doctor has put me on penicillin for the chest infection and steroids for the asthma - Whether i shall be well enough to play in my concert tomorrow night I don't know - but I do need to be 200% for next Friday's concert - Don't I? (Squeeeeeeee)

I think that DJ knows I was feeling poorly - as he was the far side of his field and only walked 1/3rd of the way across to meet me - making me walk further than normal!  His winter coat is still coming out and if I didn't know better I would say that it was re-growing, as there still seems a lot more to go!

We went out with Toni and Badger, although did also bump into Ros and Rags, so had a chat with them.  We didn't go far - only a couple of miles overall, but back via the unused field on their land for a short canter.

So a good ride, as ever - and the fresh air must be good for my lungs, even if DJ loose hair isn't!
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