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Fan-Fic MEME.

As most of you know I have written a few fan-fics ... what most of you may not know, is the struggle I have with myself to do so.

When I was at school, I was told by my English teacher that i was completely useless, and my parents had to persuade the school to let me take my O level exam.

Fortuneatly for me, the teacher I had in those last 2 terms was great ... and got me writing about thigs I knew - describing a picture hanging on the wall, for example, to get me used to the idea of description.  So, I passed my O level and was able to get to college - where I was always being picked up for my bad spelling, grammar etc.

Therefore the thought of writing someting more than a letter to a friend, or my patients notes, was not something remotely on the horizon ... Then I watched the last few episodes of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer ... and, the rest, as they say, is history!


So, I snagged this MEME from kalinda001 , because she is an amazing Blakes 7 writer ... and she wanted to know what made her f-list tick   Why they write, etc.  So, here are the questions, I would love to know your answers ... mine are behind the cut :-

1 Why do you write fanfic?
2 When did you write your first fanfic and which fandom was it for?
3 Which fandoms do you, or have you, written for?
4 Do you read much fanfic or do you mainly write?
5 What comes easiest for you when writing?
(dialogue, descriptions, plot, characterizations, humour, angst...)
6 Which genres do you mainly write? (action, angst, dark, drama, horror, humour...)
7 Which genres will you not write?
8 Are reader comments/responses important?
9 Do you use a beta reader?
10 Which is your favourite character to write fanfic for and why?
11 Which are your favourite ships (including friendships) that you write the most?
12 Do you have characters that are so strongly established that they're in your heads?
13 Which characters are you most comfortable doing a POV for? Which is the hardest?

1 - It started with me being upset with how BtVS finished - I wanted my "Spuffy Happy Ending".  So, I started thinking of a "what-if" .... and decided to actually write down my thoughts.  Most of the fics I have written are about changing the ending of a story ... or adding a missing scene.

2 - This was my first ever fan-fic .... and also how I arrived at LJ!

3 - I have basically only written for BtVS ... although I did write one Blakes 7, and a couple of Torchwood fics.

4 - I read a lot of Spuffy fan-fic ... There are some absolutley amazing writers out there.  And, if any of my f-list want to read a Blakes 7 saga then I can thoroughly rec an epic written by kalinda001 

5 - All parts of a fic are hard for me - when I have the idea then the rest flows slowly.

6 - Most of my fics are very general - Spuffy romance, I suppose is what I would describe.

7 - I wont write Slash or Porn at all ... fo rlots of reasons really!

8 - I love getting comments, but there again that is something that I ought to make more of an effort with myself.

9 - Yes, yes, and yes!!!  At present poor mabel_marsters  is having to cope with my work ... She is an amazing author, but is also incredibly supportive.

10 - I just love Spike - I can empathise with him in so many ways, that he is easy to understand what his response to my plot will be!!

11 - Most of my fics have been Spuffy - I love that relationship, and is one of those who believe that they have ... or will end up together.  In Blakes 7, I love the Avon-Cally pairing, so my one fic ther had been on that basis.

12 - None of my fics have contained characters that were not in the original series ... except in passing.  So, the characters are what the actors formed, and I have then added to.

13 - As I said, I do empathise with Spike, so can write from his POV ... However a couple of years ago, I ended up doing a Buffy POV, and found that I could get that story written.  But maybe it was more the theme of the story, than getting into her mind.

Hope that has answered a few questions ~ Now I would love to see what makes some of my f-lists brains tick.  There is some amazing talent out there - I am so envious of your skills.
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