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I Actually Stood Up For Myself ...

.... Yes, the first time ever!

I did it - I truly did!

Tonight was the first run-through on the Kackachurian Violin Concerto for the concert next year.  This is the piece I posted the picture of - the 1st clarinet part is horrific and is noted that it is the 2nd most important part .... and for those who play a clarinet, let me tell you it is mostly written in flats (as repetative accidentals!).  Anyway, my home rehearsal had gone badly, so I didn't look at it too much ... but this evening wasn't as big a disaster as I was dreading.  So I was feeling OK .. we have a year, it will be fine.

Anyway the other pice of music we are going to play is Peter & The Wolf .... another hard piece to play, which I attempted about 7 years ago, and being that it is the first piece of Classical music I heard, and thus the one that got me interested in the clarinet, I am looking forward to the work of getting that piece round my fingers.

Anyway, I am coming to the point - as we were leaving the 2nd clarinetist said she hoped I didn't mind if she did the Peter & The Wolf, seeing as I was doing the Violin concerto 1st part ... I said she could do that and I would do Peter - "No", she wanted to do Peter ... and ...


I said, I was going to play it - I was looking forward to doing it.

So - I actually stood up for myself!!!!!!!

Now - do I mention this to the conductor if I see him outside of rehearsals?  Should I e-mail him ... or just let it lie at that?

But - I say again - I DID IT!!!
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