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Just A Good Day To Be Alive!

As you could see by my last posting, DJ was having a good gossip when I arrived, so was reluctant to leave ... However once he remembered that there would be a mouthfull of hay, and another carrot waiting for him in his box, he walked in well.

I had chance to give him a good groom, before Toni brought in Smudge and Junior, and the 5 of us headed off.

Again, Toni opted to ride Junior, so it was more jog and trot, than walk and trot ... and a reasonable distance as well.

The weather was great - and by the time we got back, DJ was one hot horse!

Still, giving him time to settle, with another mouthfull of hay, meant I had time for a coffee - before feeding DJ and taking him and the hay out to the field.  I also had to remove the remains of Conrad's head collar, while out there, as he had shredded it overnight.  While I did that DJ took advantage of the time to have a good roll, so that they were both ready to share lunch when I gave it to them.
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