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He Obviously Hasn't Read The Weekend's Forecast!

That says that the cooler weather is returning.  While I was grooming him, he was beginning to moult ... yes, the hair is beginning to drop on his lower legs and his chest.  His new coat is obviously growing as well because he was really stressed about trying to itch where his strangles scar is ... that always occurs as the new coat is coming.

So, I have warned him, that the weekend is due to be cooler - but will he listen to me??????

Today we didn't go far - just the mile up the road and back ... and just with Toni and Smudge, as no-name wasn't very well, so Ros rode at a different tme.

Although we weren't out for long, it was "busy" as there were road-works on the road ... they were digging up where the oily patch is, so looks like DJ has got his phone calls to the Council answered!

When we got back, it was back out to his field, and he carried out his own hay (and Conrad's of course), so that saved Toni a trip out later.
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