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Kill Or Cure

I had a really lousy day yesterday - having had a poor Weekend - and felt sorry for myself when I woke up!  Arrrrgh - I hear you say!!  So I decided that I either had to go to the doctor or something to get rid of this lousy cold/virus that I had over the last week.  I have a concert to play in on Friday - and then (Squeeee) next Friday ..!!), so I had to get better  - So, guess what - 


I drove to see DJ!  Well I thought that the 20min drive and then a ride will do something one way or another!  By the time i got there I felt no better (but no worse), so got him in from his field and gave him a groom.  He must have known, as normally he loves being groomed, but today he refused to stand still - so at least he used up some of his excess calories!

I then had a cup of coffee and Toni and I discussed her latest hobby - weaving - she wants to do a "Stubbs" type picture - so we were chatting for some time.  She then went and got Junior and we just walked a couple of miles around the block.  Again DJ was a twit - a huge thing appeared in front of him, jumped and the went again ... Yes the sun came out for 30secs, DJ jumped at his shadow and then spent the next 5 minutes looking for where this terrible beast could be hiding.

He needed more than his carrot to recover from that ordeal!

Well, the upshot is that although I am not 100% I can at least breath again - so hopefully by tomorrow I will be up to playing my clarinet again ... I had better with a concert coming up!
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