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Short, But Sweet - The Company Not The Weather!

When I arrived today, the 5 horses made me worried - they were all gathered around the communal water trough, in their 3 separate fields, and as I approached they all looked at me, then turned back to each other - I dread to think what stories DJ had been telling!

Anyway, he came in - in a biting cold wind.  By the time we were in his box, it was raining!

Oh well, I groomed him, and as we weren't going fa, and it was cold, at least I didn't need to plait.

Just before we left, Toni and I went to collect some things from the house, and I was mobbed by Kai, which was really nice!

Toni and Smudge & DJ and I just went the mile up the road and back.  At least it was dry while we were out - and he passed over the oily patch ... Yay!!

Once back, it was time to feed him and back to his field - so he could continue his disrupted gossip!!
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