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Thinking About My LJ!

I realised that over the last few weeks I have posted often ... but other than my DJ updates, and my James Squeee, most of what I have on my LJ are Memes and weird stories/quotes.

kalinda001   is spending a few days posting about specific things.  I am not going to copy her idea, but it has made me think that I need to get back to an occasional "me" post.  Even if you don't want to read it (you can always skip) ... but I am working hard at getting focus back in my life.  So, rather than just the junk you usually see, I am going to aim to post some thoughts and ideas over the next few weeks.

I dare say the silly stuff will be just as prevelent ... I have a couple of friends who e-mail me the stuff, and it is good to share the laughs.

Anyway, my thought for today was while I was reading my Bible this morning.

You know, I have often said that one of my moans about people is lack of manners and courtesy.  I was brought up, both my my family, and my school to respect my elders.

I know that one of the 10 Commandments is that of honouring your parents ... in fact it is the only commandment with a promise attached.

Well, today as I was reading through various laws that God was setting out for The Children of Israel, concerned with sexual sin (in Leviticus 19), there was a verse I never noticed.  At the end of the list was :-

"Stand in the presence of your elders".

Well, it is something I was brought up to do, but had never noticed that it is mentioned in the Bible.

The only weird thing I must also comment is that I tend to forget that as I am now 47, maybe some people shouldbe giving way to me ... that is not a nice way to take this thought!!!

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