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366 MEME - Day 25 - Panic Has set In!

Last night at orchestra we were given a new piece of music to work on for next year.  The concert has 3 pieces ... one of which is unknown ... the last is "Peter & The Wolf", which has a mega-huge clarinet part (but I am looking forward to the challenge). 

The middle piece is a Rachmaninov Violin Concerto, which I wasn't unduly concerned about, until I saw that my music had the most number of sheets for the normal orchestral parts ... I then opened it up .... !!!!


This sheet is page 2 & 3 ... and so it continues like this!!!  I know we have a year ... but ...!!

I played (slowly) about 1/2 of it this morning, and I am sure in a few days, all the neighbours will have their houses put up for sale!

Tags: 366 day, camera, clarinet, orchestra

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