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Health Update ... And Some Questions Answered.

I had planned to go riding this morning - the sun is shining ... but it is very windy.  Although I have not filled you in on the boring state of my lungs in some time, this gives me the perfect oppertunity.

I can breathe - almost OK ... still feel a bit tight, but when I compare it to last month I am feeling great!

However, I can't stop coughing.  I had similar about 8 years ago and no conclusions were made then.  So although I feel find, windy weather finishes me off! 

So, until my opticians appointment this afternoon I am trying to get things done that need to be done -

Clarinet reeds bought.
Finger supports ordered (my finger is too week to work without support, I have learnt) ... but who cares, it is still there!
Letter written to a friend.
... and Toni is coming over for treatment - and a chat!

So, until she arrives I will get on with the questions that kaczurda   asked me in her Interviwe MEME ....

1. when was the first time you watched buffy?
2. how many times have you met james?
3. have you lived in the same town all your life?
4. how many pets have you had?
5. has DJ ever done any type of competition?

1. When was the first time you watched Buffy?

I had Toni's 2 girls staying for a few days and the season 7 was showing - they were watching an episode, and as my Profile said, I saw a bleach-blond guy ... and the rest is history!  I watched most of the episode, that didn't make sense (It was "Lies My Parents Told Me") ... but just saw a gorgeous actor ... and was hooked.  So, it was 2003/4 ... I think it may have even been the re-runs.

2. How many times have you met James?

First time I saw him was in a concert May 2007, and then travelled up to Collectomania to have my pic with him ... which (sadly) was a bit of a blur!!!!
Then July 2007, and Nov 2007 I went to Cardiff - and again had a pic and autograph in the November ... the 2 dates were both concerts.
Then last May, I went to the oneconcert in London and onto Collectomania again ... and this time had 4 pics ... and mostly it was still a blur!

3. Have you lived in the same town all your life?

I was born in the town of Ilford ... which is in Essex (only the English on my f-list will realise the significance of that!) ... on the east side of London.
Then when I was 3 months old we moved to Fflint in North East Wales.
Then we moved back to Essex when I was 6.  This time to a town called Upminster, which was where I lived 'till I was 25.
Then we moved to Bude in North Cornwall ... and I am still here, although Mum and Dad moved to Torquay in South Devon 11 years ago.

4. how many pets have you had?

When I was born Mum and Dad had a spaniel called Scrappy, but I don't remember her.
When I was 21, Mum bought another Spaniel, called Perry ... who died in may arms a month before his 5th Birthday.
A few weeks lated she bought Misty, another spaniel who lived to be 15 1/2.
Now they have Jiffy, who will be 3 in May.

So, I have never had a pet - unless you count Jaykub, who Mum bought me in 2002, but who sadly died the following year of a broken leg.  It was then that Toni gave me DJ on permenant loan.

5. has DJ ever done any type of competition?

When DJ was first working with me, I took him to a local equine show, to an "in-hand" Mountain and Moorland class.  We came 5th out of 7.

Other than that I have competed him at the riding stables we worked at ... and a few times others have ridden him there.  Toni used to teach with a selection of lessons, hacks and mini-competitions.

I get very, very nervous though - comes of only having ridden as an adult.

Thanks for those great set of questions.

So, if any of you want me to be interviewed, just ask in a comment, and I shall ask 5 questions.  I know I did this a few weeks ago, so I'm not worried if you don't play this time!!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

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