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Bye Kai.


Kai has just gone home. Although I know he has enjoyed his visit here, I loved watching him greet Toni ... he was happy to see her again. We chatted for a short time about her holidays - and how expensive everything was, and how the horse-sitting had gone ... they woke to snow again this morning!

I have enjoyed having him to stay, both for the company and making me walk, even in the rain, as well as a way of thanking Toni for all the times she looks after DJ.

While waiting for Toni to arrive, I actaully started my seasonal_spuffy  fic ... so now I must keep on with it, and not leave it to the last minute to get it Beta'd like I did last time!

So, thought I would just do this MEME that I snagged from katsa_db_lover  while I wait for dinner to cook!

Right now I'm... MEME

Feeling: Pretty great, but hungry.

Wearing: Multi-coloured jumper, and green jeans. 

Wishing: Only one thought, which is un-shareable.  Basically life is OK at present - maybe, just wish the oven chips would cook quicker! 

Missing: Kai!

Thinking: About my S_S plot ... at what point the story ends!

Wondering: If I will get time to to some clarinet practice today ... can't do it in an evening as I live in a terraced house! 

Raving About: James ... as ever (I have his CD on at present!)

Ranting About: Nothing new - only lack of manners, but so far today, I have avoided that!

Fangirling/Drooling Over: James!!!

Thankful For: My faith, family, friends.  Thank you, all. 

Planning: My trip to London ... almost organised, as far as I can.

Looking Forward To: May 1st and 2nd. 

Dreading: a future without my parents ... even though they are both well as I type this, they are both in their 80s. 

Wanting: to pay back the money I borrowed from Mum and Dad last year. 

Hoping: to meet all of you one day - I know I will see some of you in May, but I would love to meet the rest of you at one point.

Wow, that was fun ... and ended up slightly focussed on one event and person (shock!!)

Tags: f-list, james, kai, may 09, mum and dad, rl, story
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