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Only 99% Perfect!

Things were going really well again today, then Ros and I spoke too soon!!

Yes, it was a bit of a later start today, but he came in, was groomed, and walked up to eet Ros and "no-name" well - we walked towards the Church and then down the canter track.

From there it is a hill down and back up - and the really great news is that although DJ wasn't wearing his boots, he was hoping for something faster on the track - and walked cleanly down, and steadily up the road - So, that was grea to feel that he is happy with the injury of his leg.

Then, almost home, and disaster struck ... he was threatened .... and had to reverse a cople of steps to review the situation, before slithering past.

There was a sheet of A4 paper in the hedge, that obviously was out to kill!

Poor boy!

Anyway, he recovered from the shock, and managed to get back in form to walk calmly the rest of the way home.

And he was definately recovered enough to ask for his feed!!
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