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The Saturday Is Announced -

If you haven't already seen it - The news has gone up on JM lIve :-

Sign up for a day with James including an exclusive acting "Marstersclass" on Saturday, May 2, at The Drill Hall in London.

James will be taking to the stage to offer people a rare opportunity to see how he tackles acting roles and gets under the skin of a character as part of a day and evening that also includes a concert, Q&A sessions, personalised autographs, photos and much more.

The masterclass special will see him join forces with Torchwood co-star Gareth David Lloyd to offer a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of acting followed by a question and answer session about stage, TV and film work.

Tickets go on sale at 16:00 on Friday, February 27.

So - now panic begins, as to whether I can get tickets - I work Friday afternoons, so trying to get to a phone - and get through - PANIC !!!!

As you may have guessed, I really want to be able to go!

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