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Random Things Meme.

I snagged this MEME from kazzy_cee</lj>  .... She gave me the following to talk about:-


So, they are behind the cut ... and if you would like me to pick 5 random things for you to discuss, let me know in comments.


When I was born Mum and Dad had a spaniel, who died when I was 6, but sadly I have not one memory of her.  We then waited till I left college before the next spaniel arrived - Perry.  He was my first love!  Sadly he was only 5 1/2 when he had a fatal heart attack.  the next spaniel was Misty - who had a heart attack at the same age, but lived to be 15 1/2 ... Now Mum and Dad have Jiffy.

I love having a four legged family member - yes, they are a tie, but they bring so much un-conditional love with them.  We aren't really great at training them, so them are hopelessly behaved, but all have accepted the fact that they are on leads whenever necessary - so that works out OK.

I do believe that people who don't have pets, have something missing ... as all the stories say, you can go out for the day - yet when you come back, they are just so pleased to see you.


I never wear them! 

Well, that's a lie - I wear wellies and riding boots when I am at "the stables" ... but have always been one who have dressed very practically - love court shoes, and trainers ... but never spend a lot of money on footwear ... I suppose it comes from when I was a teen, Mum and Dad didn't have the money, and I didn't have the friends to match - Now I just never think about them!


My last car was a Coupe ... but basically even that was just a vehicle to get me from A to B ... It often had hay in the boot - or resting on the bonnett!!


I love them - but not mashed!  Boiled, baked, roast, ... and especially chipped/fried!  I don't like Jersey New Potatoes either ... must be the only person in Britain who would type that!

They are a great food - filling and adaptable.


I love moving water - living in Bude gives me a love of the moving sea. 

Rivers are beautiful, and full of life.  And if shallow, sound lovely as they move.


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