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Another Nature Filled Ride!

I realise most times that I ride how fortunate I am that DJ now lives in the country rather than a town - Whether he feels the same when we are out and about is hard to say!  I know he is happy to not have to work at the stables - but he used to cope with town traffic OK - now he has tractors in abundance to ignore.

Still his main problem today was ... a ... butterfly!!  How dare such a huge beast fly straight in front of him - It really is wrong - He has asked me to put in a complaint to the proper authorities - but who are they?

Anyway to put it into context Toni and I took out Smudge and DJ today and went on a flatter root along the edge of the local forestry.  There is a double grass verge running for about 1/2 mile which is still soft enough to canter up, so the 2 boys had fun along there.  For most of the rest of the ride, as there was very little traffic, the 2 of us rode next to each other chatting away - until the pterodactyl attacked (ooops I mean butterfly) fluttered in front of us.  Smudge just stood and looked amazed at DJ stomping his feet and snorting - while I thought Toni may fall off - due to laughter!

So - another great ride - but a very warm one as DJ has still only lost about 1/3rd of his winter coat - but it keeps me busy before we go out - and again when we get back!
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