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366 Day MEME

I am at Mum and Dad's for the week as I developed a virus on top of the not-breathing.  So I amy be a bit off-and-on with replies.

Anyway, I have snagged this MEME from beanbeans  -

For this project, you take a photo a day, for an entire year. You document an entire year of your life for your future self, so that when you look back at the pictures, you can see the photos of what you did for that year, what you looked like, what the people in your life looked like, where you went, etc. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

And so I have decided to do it ... sorry f-list, you will be spammed!

Anyway, I have decided to start on Valentines Day, for the simple reason that as a sad-single, I wanted to do something positive ... so ... You have been warned!!

Tags: 366 day, camera, meme, rl

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