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Just Catching Up!

No - I didn't make it out of Bude today! 

The town itself is clear, but drive a couple of miles up the road and it was snow, a few miles further and it was deeper snow and un-treated roads.

I could neither get to work, nor Mum and Dads as between here and there are a strip of Moors ... and snow and even the main roads were blocked.

So I had a lazy morning and am now trying to get some jobs done.  Later this evening we actually have an orchestral rehearsal which I will be attending, and seeing how much I can play.  Tomorrow, there is (weather permitting) another clarinetist coming to play for the concert.  The plan had been that I would be at the rehearsal, as the other player is coming in cold, and then I would go to Mum and Dads for the rest of the day and Sunday.  However as the weather is bd in the midle of the county, with ice forecast, I am seriously thinking of staying here.

This is where I meet a snag though - my Mum is always so, so upset if I don't make it home - parental guilt is sometjing that she is great at!

So, I shall have to see how she is when when we speak later.

As to health - yes, the last lot of blood tests were (yet again) clear.  I asked the doctor about allergy testing, but he says that it is very unlikely as all my blood levels are so, so normal.  Whatever it is is long-term and if it were an allergy then there would be some change in the latest figures. 

So, he is sneding me to a chest specialist - ASAP.

I really can't breathe still, and my voice comes and goes.  Sadly I am also finding walking harder, but am still able to work!

Oh well - as he said, there is nothing serious!!!

Hope everyone is staying safe.
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