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Meeting The Horse With No Name.

Wednesday - and lovely weather - and time to get back to a normal routine!

Wish I had my camear today though, because as I went to get DJ in from the field, he had this huge blob of mud between his eyes - maybe he had been trying to do a head-stand!!

Anyway - in we came and he had a mouthful of hay and a groom - very hard with a damp horse - but he needed to be comfortable to wear his tack.

Toni came out, tacked up Smudge, I tacked up DJ just in time for Ros to arrive ... riding ?????

She collected another horse on Monday - seemed nice, mixed breed.  We asked her name and Ros said that she hadn't come with one - so Toni asked what she was called and Ros said that she hadn't named her.

To me, that is so, so sad.  Ros cares for her animals, they are beautifully turned out ... yet that extra something is missing

Oh well - other than that it was a lovely ride.  We went down to the Church and round the block ... a reasonable amount of traffic, but overall it was beautifull - plenty to chat about - and in the sunshine ... Yay!!

Once back I fed DJ and then walked him out to his field - carrying hay for him and Conrad ... I am sure DJ hoped I would let him have it and forget to tell Conrad - but in the end he did agree to share!!
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