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Only A Day Late! But He Brings Pics!

Yesterday I had arranged to meet the farrier at lunchtime.

Now, because DJ lives "out" his legs are wet and muddy, so I got there at 11am, so as to start to dry them off - He was happy as it was damp in the air, and he was in his box eating hay!

Anyway - ... and Ian arrives!

So, I had to put his leg-supports on, and apologise to Ian for how muddy he still was, despite my best efforts!

Anyway - while getting him in, I did his bit if the MEME ... yes, mountainheather  had asked for some DJ pictures.   Here he is, just straight in from the field.


I then took him in his box and gave him some hay, before attempting to dry his legs!



After the farrier had finished I fed him and took him back to his field, so he could show off his new shoes to Conrad!.

On the way home I drove up to take a picture of his scarey oily patch, that kalinda001  had requested - but it was so damp and muddy, I could hardly see it - I should have taken DJ with me - Anyway - I am standing on the patch to take a photo of the road ... so, almost there Kal!


Tags: camera, dj, farrier, meme
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