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Learning About Me?!?! ... Again!

I did this yesterday with my real name and got the following answers -

D is for Dorky

E is for Exuberant

B is for Bouncy

O is for Outrageous

R is for Romantic

A is for Artistic

H is for Heavenly

I quite liked those answers (sorry[info]jaded_jamie    I know you didn't like your test results!).  However [info]kudagirl   said that Outrageous wouldn't be me ... and I had to agree, so she suggested I see what my user-name comes out ... so here it is:-


What Debrisspike Means: D is for Dainty

D is for Dainty

E is for Enthusiastic

B is for Bubbly

R is for Relaxing

I is for Influential

S is for Sappy

S is for Striking

P is for Popular

I is for Inspirational

K is for Keen

E is for Earthy

Can't say anyone who knows me would call me dainty ... "Bull in a china-shop" is more fitting!  And I am certainly not influential, or inspiring ... and what does earthy mean (LOL) ... that sounds more like DJ!!!

So, you can see which you think is the more appropriate!

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