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Wet And Windy Wednesday.

... and No Ros ... obviously the reason it was bad weather today!  Poor DJ will be lost!.

He was glad to see me this morning - well, he also liked the carrot and hoped that there was a little bit of hay waiting for him in his box!

Actually when we walked into the stables he had a major dilemma ... Smudge was in his box waiting to try to bite DJ as he walked past ... and on the other side was a bale of hay.  The weird boy was worried as it shouldn't have been there!  What a problem - was Smudge going to bite ... or was the hay on the move by itself ... Ah, easy solution, stand still!  Well, that is till I told him what I thought of his antics!!!

Anyway - once in his box, yes, he did have some hay.

I then gave him a groom, and as we were a bit early, we also had time for a cuddle - or in DJ's case, a snooze!

Then Toni tacked up Junior (having taken Smudge out) and we went down to the Church, through the village and back.

It was grey and murky, so we got thoroughly damp by the time we returned.

Once back, time for a feed and then back out to his field.  I took some hay out with me for the 2 boys to share ... but DJ thought it would be easier to try to stop on route (I am sure he was only trying to save me having to carry it!!).  Anyway, I got him and hay to their field, and spread it for them to argue over ... in fact they just both started eating, so the debate would be left for the last mouthfull.
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