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Not A Beauty Contest Winner This Morning!

He had taken advantage of the rain to have a good roll - so he was looking more like a "Bog Monster" than a cute pony today!

I brought him in and he ate a little bit of hay while I stared to grrom him.  I couldn't give him too much, as he was going to do some work, but it had been an awful night for him - gale force winds and torrential rain, so thought he needed something to make hime feel a bit happier about life!

Toni rode Smudge and led Junior; and we only went up the road and back ... Nice it was no longer frozen, but it was now raining ... at least the wind had dropped off a bit.

He then had a bit more hay and a feed when he came back, before going back to his very muddy home - and his friend, Conrad, of course.
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