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A Bible Thought - Joseph

Just a reminder to myself ... and anyone who wants to read, behind the cut.  I ued to find when I was at college, the only way I could remember things was to write them down, so this way, I will (hopefully) remember my thoughts on Joseph.

Joseph was the 11th child, much loved, spoilt by his father.

He had authority, riches ... a life.

He was beaten up by his brothers and sold to a foreign country.

The Bible said that "God went with him".

Yet, even at this point things still got worse ... and he ended p in prison for a crime he didn't do.  He helped his fellow prisoners, but was still forgotten.  It was 3 years after the butler was restored that he remembered Joseph ... then only as Pharoah had his dream.

Yet - he was now taken and placed in authority over a Country, he had a wife and children - and was respected by everyone.

~ ~ 

So, Deborah, remember when the times seem hard - that we don't know what the future holds - Only God knows, and His timing is something we have no control of.

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