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I'm Back - Did you miss me?

Yes - Not long got back from my Easter trip with the family - I have skimmed through my "friends" pages - Couldn't see anything major that has happened to you all - So if I have missed something let me know!!

The trip was great -

Mum and Dad, my youngest brother Tim and his wife Claire and myself went back to the village that Mum was born in and grew up in.

We walked a lot, took loads of photos, met someone mum was at infants school with - saw my grandparents and great-grandparents graves ... and laughed a lot.  At one point I thought I was going to fall in half as Claire and I got the giggles - it was worse because we were at Mum's friend's house and she just looked so amazed ... I still ache now. ...

Or mabe that was where I fell down a flight of staires - well I'm not called Debris for no reason.  We had Sunday lunch at what is meant to be one of the oldest inns in the country (1042 AD) - and I fell into the loo - literally ... I have a bruised shoulder now!  My dear brother promptly headed away and out the door as if he had never met me!

So - yes a brilliant time away - and the weather was kind.  I just hope the photos come out.  I still don't use my digital camera, but get the reels of film printed and put on disc - when I get them back I shall share a couple of scenes as we also went to some amazing historical sites (I don't mean the house that Mum was born in, either!!

And Jiffy had a great time as well -
Dad picked him up before I left their place and he had been told that as he was the only dog they had staying he stayed in their house - slept on the bed and as it was Easter they always get some nice Scotch Beet - so thought he might like that instead of his normal tinned food.  I'm surprised he wanted to come home! 

They had also bought him some treats as they were exchanging Easter eggs and didn't want him to feel left out - The poor boy - How he must have suffered!

Well I had better get on and get the washing machine filled - Hope you all ahd as great an Easter as I did
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