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70 Years!

A lot of people quote the phrase "three-score years and ten", which comes from The Bible, as the length of time that our lifespan is.

70 years - A lifetime!


Well, last Saturday I drove Mum and Dad the 2 1/2 hour trip to the opposite side of Devon to celebrate a 70th .... A Platinum Wedding Anniversary!

My Mum's cousin Blanche married Charles on Boxing Day 1938, with Mum being the baby bridesmaid (at 10).  Amazingly all 4 bridesmaid are still alive, but only 2 were at the celebration.

Auntie Blanche and Uncle Charles are still well - with all their marbles.  They live in their own place, and Uncle Charles recently bought himself his first computer!  (Well he is only 95, so plenty of time to learn about the wonders of the pc yet)

Behind the cut are a few more pictures of the day -

The Cake!

Cutting the cake.  (And please note the card - from Her Majesty)

Mum chatting to the bride and groom.

Mum and Dad - we had a quiz to do after the lunch .... Yay, I and another cousin won!

Mum was asked to talk about "the early days".  It was her parents that invited Uncle Charles to  a Boxing Day "party" at their house in 1935, that other cousins (ie Auntie Blanche) was at.

"Hubble, Bubble, Boil and Trouble" ... I daren't find out!  This is the other baby bridesmaid - I dread to think what the 3 of them were plotting!

Poor Jiffy got left all day - but worth it to celebrate such an amazing event.

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