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2009 - And DJ Still Has To Work!

I think he thought that as he did some work last year he could have this year off - No such luck!

When we came in this morning he reminded me of the first time that I saw him.  The ground was rutted and frozen so he stumbled a few times - the first time I saw him he was about 3 hours old and he was trying to follow his mum across a muddy field where we were leading her to a box for them both (he was an unexpected foal, for those who didn't know).

Once in I tacked him up ... without his ear-muffs and Toni got Smudge and we went up to the farm and back.  We had to be pretty careful as there was still ice on the road - but managed to get them out OK.

Once back, DJ had some hay, another carrot and a feed, before going back to his field to grumble to Conrad about how hard life really is!!
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