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Happy Easter

This is just a short note to wish all my friends a VERY HAPPY EASTER.

Hope that you all have a great time over the holidays - but do spare a few minutes in that time to remember the reason we are stuffing ourselves with Hot Cross Buns and Chocolates!

I am off in a few minutes to meet my parents and then tomorrow driving with them to the village that my Mum grew up in - where we shall be meeting my youngest brother and his wife.  It is (hopefully) going to be a great 4 days - a bit of walking, a bit of visiting - and a lot of memories - both old and new!

Hope that you all manage to spend time away from "the normal" - and then we can really start looking towards Spring Fever (for those in the UK) ... even if we aren't going to all (or any) of the events - just to know James is around is a great thought, isn't it?

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