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Wow - January 1st 2009 - Number 1001

I have just checked my profile to see if I had any comments to answer, as for some reason I can't access my e-mail from Dad's computer at present ... and I have noticed that my number of posts so far is 1,000.

Therefore this is post 1,001

What a great number to start the New Year on!

I have had quite a good day to start my positive year.

I still haven't worked out my New Years Resolutions, but I will soon, I promise.

I didn't get any clarinet practice done today, but did manage to see 1/2 of the New Year concert from Vienna.  At our next concert in February, with the orchestra, we are playing some of the pieces I heard today, including :-
The Blue Danube
Thunder and Lightening Polka
Radetsky March
So it was good to hear the complete piece, rather than just the 1st clarinet part.

On a musical note I also managed to hear most of the Dr Who at the Proms, which I had missed last year, so that was great.  I don't think we celebrate the music of our T.V. Shows enough, IMHO.

On a more mundane noteI have written most of my Thank You letters for Christmas now.

So the rest of my day was spent being lazy, and playing with Jiffy.

This evening Mum, Dad and I are going to watch an old film on the TV - probably a Cary Grant one, as we haven't watched any of his recently.

Hope your year is starting off well - and continues even better.
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