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Christmas Day - Boxing Day .... A Very Quick Summary.

As I said when I posted yesterday, we all had a great time over Christmas.

Below the cut are some picyures - of Jiffy, Mum & Dad and Tim & Claire.  We spent Christmas Day at Mum and Dads and then Boxing Day at Tim and Claires.

Father Christmas was very busy - I had some great things, as well as my Torchwood DVDs (Squeee, again); including a new sewing machine from Mum and Dad, some more jewellery, some sweets and some jigsaws.  DJ bought me the most amazing new silk for my riding hat - in all colours of the rainbow (!) and Mum knitted me a set of 3 gloves!!!!  (2 for my left hand, as it means I can wear them all the time to keep my old injury feeling happy!).

So, as you can see I was truly spoilt ... as was Jiffy, as you can see in the pics :-

Jiffy looking for his pressies -

With his pressie from Tim and Claire -

Tim, still with more pressies to open ... and showing that it is his turn to be injured this year (You can tell we are very close!) -


Jiffy with one of his pressies from mum and Dad -

In the car, waiting to go to Tim and Claires, he is wearing his new lead that Kai (Toni's dog) bought him -

Dinner time -

Tea time -

So, as you can see, we had a great family time together.

Tim and Claire are very special people - and it is a privilege to be close to them.  As for our parents ... it is lovely that even though they are the age they are, we still can spend brilliant times together.


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