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A Cold And Frosty Morning!

I went to see DJ this morning - the original plan had been to go riding with Toni and her daughter Stacey (who is home for Christmas).  But as you can see on the pictures - it is icy.  The main roads are treated with salt, but not where he lives.  In the end, however much you want to ride, it is not worth the risk.

The sun is shining - DJ is a fluffy teddy bear, and he will have his hay to eat, as I have bought him some this year.  I am just so lucky that Toni and her husband take it out to him and Conrad in an evening. 

He still came over for his carrots - as did Conrad, so (don't tell DJ) but I gave hime a piece of each of DJs!!

A fluffy teddy bear -

I told them to smile for the camera, but I think Conrad took the pose too far - don't you?


With the forecast as it is, it looks as if it will be next week before the roads thaw again.  So DJ will have to cope with a feww more lazy days!!!

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