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I Must Have Been A Very Good Girl This Year!

This is only a rapid "HI" as I haven't been near a computer since early Christmas day and I know I owe loads of answers etc .... But didn't want you to think that I had fallen off the face of the earth, or had fallen out with you!
So - just to sa I have had a great Christmas - but busy and I will update later.

as to the title of this post - must just Squeeeee - as my brother Tim (and Claire) asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I asked for Torchwood - and yes, I now have BOTH seasons as a gift pack (as I hadn't actually got the first one on DVD either) ... so, yes, I had James waiting for me under the tree - LOL

Hope you all had a great time - let me know if I missed any vital news.

Hope you are all well - I'll catch up soon, I hope!

Almost forgot - thank you auntiero</lj>   for the card that was witing for me just now - and to kalinda001</lj>   for the snow-globe.

Tags: christmas, james, squeee, tim and claire, torchwood
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