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A Seasonal Ride!

Well to start off with, there is nothing more Seasonal than spending time in a stable - the birthplace of Christmas itself!

DJ was not too damp this morning - so I was able to get him half-way clean before 10am ... and Ros arrived on her bike!

Ros's bike had tinsel on, and Ros was wearing a gnomes hat;  Smudge had a garland round his neck, and Toni wore a Santa hat on top of her riding hat ....

DJ had tinsel plaited in his tail, and my whip was covered as well ... So a great start to the ride.

Toni and I also had some Sloe Gin ... well, it's traditional to have a stirrup cup before a ride and carry a hip flask with you!

We only went "up the road and back" ... and had a lovely canter while there.

It was a fun and relaxed ride.

When we got back, it was time to wish each other a Happy Christmas - and to assure DJ that the carrots that Ros had bought him were OK ... he had to test them!!

Tags: christmas, dj

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