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Was He Hiding ... Or Just In Disguise?

I said last week that he looked like an adorable teddy bear ... I didn't say quite the same this morning!!

The even funnier thing was that Toni had moved all the horses round, so as I was walking out to his field to collect him this morning ... Suddenly there was this pile of wet mud walking towards me! He was in, what I thought was the wrong field, and so covered in mud it was hard to say where he ended and the ground started - so I just had to presume that it was actually DJ that I was talking to! He seemed to think the carrot in my hand belonged to him anyway!

I walked in with him, and all I could do was make sure his face and his saddle area was fairly clear of muck - so nothing rubbed.

I then tacked him up, and with Toni riding Junior (and leading Smudge) we just went around the block. I don't think the others wanted to be seen with the mud-monster too much in case we were recognised!

Then back home - a feed - and back to play in the mud again for him!
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