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Just A Bit Of Catching Up!


Must start with huge THANK YOU for my cards from rivertempest  (yesterday) and to kazzy_cee  (today) ... They are lovely. 

But also, even bigger THANKS to spikereader   for the CDs ... none of them I have, and have one on as I type this now.  Thank you.

Hope that you all have a good weekend - mine will be busy, as we have a Church Carol Get-Together here on Sunday evening.  So, the house has to be decorated - and things organised.  It should be great fun, though.

I still have shopping to do - I know waht I need to get - just need to get it!

I spoke to Ros today, and she is seriously thinking about selling Rosie - the bucking suprised her, and seeing as she changes horses most years, it looks as if that is what will happen.  Ros, herself, is still sore, but not badly hurt.

DJ had the day off, as I woke up with a sinus infection this morning - so I told Toni to tell him that I was just being nice to him!

Oh well, I had better get on and check the Christmas lights work!

Have a fun weekend.

Tags: christmas, church, dj, f-list, thanks

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